Graduation Plan

For graduation from JCCS, student will be required to have a total of 26 Credits:

  • 4 credits in English / Literature
  • 4 credits in History
  • 5 credits in Math*
  • 4 credits in Science
  • 4 credits in Foreign Languages*
  • 2 credits in Rhetoric/Theology 
  • 1/2 credit for Senior Project / Thesis
  • 2 credits in Fine Arts
  • 1/2 credit in Physical Education
* Algebra I and Latin I in 8th grade count toward Math and Foreign Language graduation credits.


Graduation Plan

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
English / Literature Western Civilization European Literature American Literature Freedom Literature
History Western Civilization European History American History World History
Science Physics Chemistry Biology Astronomy
Math Geometry Algebra II Trig and Pre-Calc Calculus or College Algebra
Foreign Language Latin II Spanish I Spanish II
Additional Requirements Rhetoric/ Hermeneutics Rhetoric/ Apologetics Senior Project/  Thesis
Fine Arts <<One Music and One Art Required>>
Physical Education <<1 semester PE or 2 sports>>
The Mission of Jabez Classical Christian School is to partner with parents to provide families with an affordable classical Christian education so that students can lead change for the glory of God.