Tuition & Assistance

As part of Jabez’s mission, we strive to make JCCS affordable in order to train students who will lead change for the glory of God.


Core Tuition & Related Fees

 Pre-K K 1st 2nd-4th 5th & 6th 7th & 8th
Tuition $3,500     $4,100 $4,300 $4,300 $4,500 $4,900
Technology Fee $250 $250 $250 $250 $250 $250
Application Fee $200 $200 $200 $125 $125 $125
Testing Fee <<Included in Application Fee>> $125 $150 $150
First Year Enrollment Fee $1,250 $1,250 $1,250 $1,250 $1,250 $1,250
TOTAL FIRST YEAR $5,200 $5,800 $6,000 $6,050 $6,275 $6,675

Enrollment & Assistance

List of 3 items.

  • Tuition Payments and Enrollment Deposits

    Tuition may be paid in full (one payment) at the time of registration, bi-annually, bi-monthly, or in equal monthly installments totaling the full amount of tuition and fees due.  If not paying in full, an enrollment deposit of $500 is required at the time of registration.  It will be deducted from your last payment so that the total net tuition is as shown on the tuition chart.  

    Enrollment Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Electives

    Students attend Core classes two days per week.  Core tuition covers these classes plus any required labs.  Additional classes to reinforce or enrich your student’s educational experience are available after school and on the designated Elective day (normally Wednesday).  

    Elective classes include science, language, art, music, and theater classes as well as study halls for those that need additional time or help.

    JCCS also has athletic options for your students by season (Fall, Winter and Spring). Most Elective classes and athletic options are approximately $400.  
  • Tuition Assistance

    A key portion of Jabez Classical Christian School’s mission is to make it affordable.  Tuition rates are kept low because of generous donors who believe in the mission and vision of this model.  In addition, assistance is available based upon need.  An outside organization will be used to determine eligibility.  Applications will be available in the Spring before the beginning of the next school year.
The Mission of Jabez Classical Christian School is to partner with parents to provide families with an affordable classical Christian education so that students can lead change for the glory of God.