Affiliations with Like-Minded Organizations

Jabez Classical Christian School seeks affiliations with like-minded schools and organizations that are seeking to lead change for the glory of God.  

Jabez Education: Jabez Education is the non-profit organization out of which Jabez Classical Christian School was birthed.  Its mission is closely aligned with JCCS – “to expand the reach of affordable Christian Education by blessing more families and training students who will lead change for the glory of God.”  Jabez Education’s Vision is to do this by empowering Christian schools through consultation, administrative support and efficient operations. The back-office support of JCCS is provided by Jabez Education. As such, Jabez Education provides many opportunities to grow and collaborate with other “sister” schools in its organization.
NOTE: The following affiliations are what a typical Christian, Classical school would have and are included here for demonstration purposes ONLY.
The Mission of Jabez Classical Christian School is to partner with parents to provide families with an affordable classical Christian education so that students can lead change for the glory of God.