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  • Welcome to Jabez Classical Christian School!

    JCCS is striving to provide an excellent educational environment that supports your family with a classical Christian collaborative approach that is tried and true. JCCS also uniquely emphasizes S.T.E.M as well as an understanding of freedom that springs from our American heritage. We believe this 5-star philosophical approach to education will help your child thrive in and outside the classroom, today and in the future.

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    Jabez Classical Christian School is committed to providing an excellent Christian education affordable today that will produce the leaders of tomorrow who will lead change for the glory of God.

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  • Why JCCS

    The classical Christian, university style education model is quite frankly the best way to educate a child. Classical Christian pedagogy is widely recognized as a superior educational approach and all the educational literature shows that with more parental involvement, comes better student outcomes. In addition, JCCS focuses on S.T.E.M in a way that few Classical Christian schools do and JCCS uniquely emphasizes the Christian roots of freedom in our American heritage.
The Mission of Jabez Education is to expand the reach of affordable Christian Education by blessing more families and training students who will lead change for the glory of God.